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Photographer taking a photo

Call Me Shaina!

A born-and-raised city girl proud to call Chicago home :).

As a photographer, empathy is the cornerstone value of my work. Growing up in a big family, I've always found joy in observing life's moments unfold.

I thrive on capturing the tender and profound moments that resonate with genuine human connection and emotion.

I LOVE shooting LOVE.

Why I Love What I Do

Photography is not just a profession for me.
It's a passion deeply rooted in the belief that every individual deserves to have their unique journey documented and celebrated. I find immense joy in being able to preserve the authenticity of each story I encounter.

Knowing that I have the opportunity to evoke such genuine emotion, whether it's a smile, a laugh or tears, is what makes my work so rewarding. It's a privilege to be able to witness and capture these fleeting moments and transform them into treasures that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Favorite Gallery

Simple Pleasures

Selfie of an aunt and her niece giving a kiss on the cheek


sports photographers on the sideline at a soccer game


indoor selfie with face exposed to the sun


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